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Why Realtors Should Use Inside Sales Agents To Drive Growth and Sales

The question on many realtors' minds is, how do I convert more leads into actual houses sold without committing more?

The rapid growth and adoption of real estate apps and websites have changed the real estate landscape. Prospective clients can search for homes anytime, anywhere, from their Zillow and Real Estate-like apps. This level of access to information grants agents a wider audience; however, it gives buyers access to a plethora of agents in their area of interest.

How do you capture these potential leads? How do you determine what leads are hot or need to be looped back around in another 6-12 months? More so, how do you cultivate these leads without taking time away from closing homes, your family, or your life? That's where your inside sales agent at Tele-Help comes into play.

What is an Inside Sales Agent?

A Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA) is a professionally trained and certified salesperson with knowledge in the real estate industry. ISAs are representatives who manage a multitude of tasks, giving you more time to close more deals.

Other responsibilities are:

  • Outreach to online and app leads within a designated time frame after an inquiry has been made.

  • Converse with prospective clients and determine their location in the sales cycle.

  • Scheduling appointments for leads.

  • Maintaining leads until they are ready to buy or sell

Right now, you are probably thinking, "Why would I hire an inside sales agent when I can perform all these tasks myself?' Well, every successful real estate agent is busy, so committing more time to achieve more becomes complicated or impossible.

ISAs will bring your business to another level and allow you to focus time and energy on closing homes.

Let us dive into the reason why ISAs are helpful.

Retaining Internet/App Leads

No Longer a problem; your Inside Sales Agent is standing by, ready to make contact with your new leads as soon as they land. The ISA will reach out to the clients while they are still looking at your website, Catching the leads while they are hot! Research has shown that an internet/App lead that isn't contacted while they are searching is a client loss. An Inside Sales Agent ready to reach out and respond to potential clients creates a foundation for success.

Additionally, most internet/App leads come from clients who are not quite ready to buy or sell, so they need nourishment. An ISA will cultivate these leads over time and retain their business when they become prepared to be actively engaged in the market. Most of these leads will be lost without an ISA maintaining these relationships.

Save You Time

Time is our most precious commodity as humans, thus in business. There are many attributes of a successful real estate business, all of which require an investment of time and money, but not all of them bear fruit with every effort.

Lead generation, cultivation, and management are the backbones of closing deals. These tasks need to be performed consistently, timely, and in more significant numbers to generate more business. Leveraging an Inside Sales Agent, you can focus on the money-making conversations and let the lower cost per hour(Very low with Tele-Help) person burn through their days, calling hundred of people and organizing your day.

Increase Your Sales

Agents partnering with Tele-Help receive up to 600% return on their ISA investment. Tele-Help Inside sales agents are skilled, experienced, and capable of quickly adapting to your marking, so you can start converting leads immediately. Their professional knowledge and experience convert the coldest of leads into business. The ISAs do their job through phone and email from Mexico, all while you show homes and attend closings. You can be fully invested in the client you are with and know that sales calls are still being made. It is impossible to sell as many homes without them, tested fact.

Marketing Support

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to grow your real estate business continually. Your ISA helps you retain your internet leads and brings you more clients. After you've provided excellent service to these clients, they are happy to recommend you to friends and family. This action turns into marketing efforts you don't pay for, increasing your return on investment from your ISA even further.

The research proves that inside sales agents are the key to running a successful real estate business or even growing an already successful business.

Ready to increase your sales each month without increasing the time you work?

An inside sales agent will result in multiple sales and make you a top industry earner.

Find out how Tele-Help-Ing can be a part of the process of reaching your sales goals.

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