Q: Are you hiring?

A: Yes. We are always seeking qualified applicants. Contact us today and submit your resume.
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Q:   Do you have to live in Mexico to work for Tele-Help-Ing?

A:   Yes, we are a Mexico based company and only source our remote and call centers staff from Mexico.

Q: Are you a remote or in person company?

A: Both, depends what role you are hiring for but it all depends on what our clients desire.

Q: Can I work as a virtual assistant part-time?

A: Yes, we offer flexible working hours to accommodate part-time roles, but roles will ultimately depend on what our clients current needs are. Contact us to discuss your availability and preferences.

Q: What qualifications do you look for in a remote team member?

A: Qualifications vary based on the role, but we generally seek individuals with relevant experience, strong communication skills, and proficiency in necessary tools and software. Check the specific job listings for detailed requirements.  All positions require a background check. 

Q:   How do you handle training for new hires?

A: We provide comprehensive training programs tailored to each role. Our onboarding process ensures that new team members are well-equipped to handle their responsibilities efficiently. 

Q:   Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously?

A: Yes, you can apply for multiple positions that align with your skills and interests. We'll assess your qualifications for each role separately. Feel free to explore the diverse opportunities available within Tele-Help-Ing. Contact Us today or submit your resume Here. 

Q: What roles do you employ?

A: Virtually any role that doesn't require a physical presence can be filled as a VA role. Here's a comprehensive list of current positions for which we are actively seeking team members: 
General Administration
●       Administrative Assistant●       Office Administrator●       Executive Assistant●       Administrative Coordinator●       Office Manager●       Administrative Specialist●       Receptionist●       Secretary●       Data Entry Clerk●       Operations Assistant●       Operations Manager●       Administrative Associate●       Office Coordinator●       Administrative Support Specialist●       Office Support Staff●       Records Clerk●       Clerical Assistant●       Clerk
●       Marketing Director●       Marketing Manager●       Digital Marketing Manager●       Content Marketing Manager●       Social Media Manager●       Brand Manager●       Product Marketing Manager●       Marketing Coordinator●       Marketing Specialist●       Marketing Assistant●       Digital Marketing Specialist●       Content Creator/Copywriter●       Social Media Coordinator●       SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist●       PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist●       Email Marketing Specialist●       Marketing Analyst●       Market Research Analyst●       Public Relations (PR) Manager●       Media Relations Specialist●       Advertising Manager●       Creative Director●       Graphic Designer (with a focus on marketing)●       Event Coordinator/Manager (related to marketing events)●       Influencer Marketing Manager●       E-commerce Marketing Manager●       CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Manager●       Brand Ambassador●       Growth Hacker
●       Sales Representative●       Sales Associate●       Account Executive●       Account Manager●       Sales Consultant●       Sales Manager●       Business Development Representative (BDR)●       Business Development Manager (BDM)●       Inside Sales Representative●       Outside Sales Representative●       Regional Sales Manager●       Territory Sales Manager●       Key Account Manager●       Sales Support Specialist●       Sales Operations Manager●       Channel Sales Manager●       Sales Engineer●       Telemarketer●       Customer Success Manager●       Client Relationship Manager●       Account Development Representative●       Solutions Sales Specialist●       Technical Sales Representative●       Wholesale Sales Representative●       Retail Sales Associate/Manager●       Sales Trainer●       Sales Director●       Sales Manager 
Specific expertise
●       Legal:
○       Lawyer/Attorney○       Paralegal
●    Medical and Healthcare: 
○       Nurse Practitioner (Does not include direct patient care)○       Physician Assistant (Does not include direct patient care)○       Registered Nurse (RN) (Does not include direct patient care)○       Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) (Does not include direct patient care)○       Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) (Does not include direct patient care)○       Physical Therapist (Does not include direct patient care)○       Occupational Therapist (Does not include direct patient care)○       Radiologic Technologist (Does not include direct patient care)○       Respiratory Therapist (Does not include direct patient care)○       Dietitian/Nutritionist (Does not include direct patient care)○       Medical Transcriptionist○       Medical Assistant

 How much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

There are Three elements to pricing your Virtual Assistant:

○       Experience and Expertise: Not all Virtual Assistants are the same.  Education, experience, English skills, and specific certifications greatly influence a virtual assistant's cost. While a Virtual Assistant answering the phones for your office may only be $1000.00 per month, a Lawyer can range anywhere from $2,500.00 to $3,000.00.

○       Additional software of services: Virtual Assistants who require higher power computers, faster Wi-Fi, or specialized software that we must provide will influence the monthly service fee.

  Schedule and work location: Where and how many hours the virtual assistant works is also important. Will they work in a Tele-Help-Ing provided office or home? Will the virtual assistant work 9 am - 5 pm their time zone, match the time zone of their client, or work nights and weekends?

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What happens if I need to change the assigned RVA during the first 60 days of service?

During the initial 60-day period after the RVA begins services, the client cannot terminate the agreement. However, if the client wishes to change the assigned RVA within this period, they can submit a written request to Tele-Help-Ing. Tele-Help-Ing will make a good-faith effort to assign a new RVA within fifteen calendar days. The client is responsible for paying the Monthly Service Fee even during the transition.

 How are RVAs selected, and can I specify any specific requirements for the assigned assistant?

Tele-Help-Ing, recruits, interviews, and conducts background checks for all RVAs. If the client has specific aptitude or skill requirements, they must communicate these requirements in writing before an RVA is assigned. Tele-Help-Ing does not conduct specific pre-employment screenings beyond its standard procedures.

Is the RVA considered an employee of our business?

No, it is not the intention of the parties that the RVA(s) assigned to the client by Tele-Help-Ing be considered an employee of the client. It is the sole responsibility of Tele-Help-Ing to compensate the RVA(s) provided to the client.

What tasks can a virtual assistant handle?

Virtual assistants can handle various administrative tasks such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, conducting research, social media management, data entry, customer support, etc.

How experienced are your virtual assistants?

Our virtual assistants are highly experienced and undergo rigorous screening processes. They possess diverse skill sets and are trained in various software tools to carry out tasks efficiently.

Can I request specific activities for the RVA to perform, and are there any restrictions on the tasks assigned?

The client can assign tasks to RVA(s) to achieve their desired outcomes. However, the client cannot instruct RVAs to engage in unlawful, defamatory, harmful, or privacy-infringing activities. The client is responsible for ensuring that the activities comply with all applicable laws and standards.

What are the typical working hours and availability of your virtual assistants?

Our virtual assistants offer flexible working hours, accommodating different time zones, and can be available according to your business needs, whether it's part-time or full-time support.

How do you ensure confidentiality and security of sensitive information?

We prioritize data security and confidentiality. Our virtual assistants adhere to strict protocols, sign confidentiality agreements, and we use secure communication channels and software to protect your data.

Can I interview or choose the virtual assistant who will be working with me?

Yes, we encourage client-virtual assistant interaction. We provide profiles of matched assistants, allowing you to choose based on their skills and experience. We also arrange an interview to ensure compatibility.

How do you ensure quality and efficiency in the tasks assigned to virtual assistants?

We have performance monitoring systems in place, regular quality checks, and we encourage feedback to improve our services continuously.

What happens if the assigned virtual assistant is unavailable or needs to be replaced?

If you require a replacement and a replacement has been deemed appropriate, we will replace the VA within 15 business days.

Do I need to provide specific tools or software for the virtual assistant to work with?

Our virtual assistants are proficient in using various tools and software commonly used in businesses. However, if your business requires specific tools, we can adapt and learn to use them as needed.

Can virtual assistants handle specialized tasks or industry-specific requirements?

Our virtual assistants are selected based on their skills and experience.  Many of our VAs have diverse skill sets and can be trained to handle specialized tasks. We customize training based on your industry needs to ensure proficiency in specific areas.

What are the pricing models and packages available for hiring a virtual assistant?

We offer various pricing structures tailored to your specific requirements. This may include hourly rates, monthly packages, or project-based pricing. Our goal is to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Can virtual assistants handle specialized tasks or industry-specific requirements?

Our virtual assistants are selected based on their skills and experience.  Many of our VAs have diverse skill sets and can be trained to handle specialized tasks. We customize training based on your industry needs to ensure proficiency in specific areas.

How does Tele-Help-Ing handle taxation, and what are the responsibilities of the client?

Tele-Help-Ing and the RVA(s) are solely responsible for any federal, state, and/or local income taxes attributable to the income derived from services provided under this agreement. If the client is required by law to submit information to taxing authorities, they will be responsible for such submissions.

What is the pricing structure for Tele-Help-Ing's virtual assistant services, and are there any additional fees?

Tele-Help-Ing operates on a fixed monthly service fee basis, as outlined in the Pricing Terms attached to the RVA addendums. 

Our pricing structure is based on a comprehensive evaluation and tailored to suit individual client needs, as it can vary depending on several factors. Generally, our fees are determined considering a standard 40-hour workweek. Invoices are issued on a monthly basis, following the completion of services rendered during that period. For the convenience of our clients, we require invoices to be settled via auto-pay or auto draft to ensure timely payment processing.

How does Tele-Help-Ing ensure the quality of the virtual assistants (RVAs) provided for my business?

Tele-Help-Ing ensures the quality of its RVAs by selecting highly educated individuals, with many holding advanced degrees. Additionally, the company employs a diverse team, with 20% of them being native English speakers. The rigorous selection process ensures that clients receive skilled professionals for their virtual assistance needs.

How does Tele-Help-Ing handle time off and holidays for RVAs, and does this impact the service fee?

RVAs are entitled to reasonable daily rest breaks, seven days off per calendar year, and certain Mexico holidays. These time-offs are included in the monthly service fee and do not reduce the amount owed by the client. If clients wish to have RVAs work on holidays, advance written requests must be submitted, and holiday service fees are double the normal rate.

What happens if there are issues with payment, and how does Tele-Help-Ing handle late fees?

Clients are required to provide valid payment information for autopay processing. In the event of insufficient funds or declined payments, there is an additional fee of $25.00 per day until the outstanding invoice is received. Late fees accumulate until the invoice and late fees are paid in full. If an account is canceled due to unpaid balances, re-establishing the account within seven calendar days requires a $100 re-establishment fee per RVA in addition to the outstanding balance.

What measures does Tele-Help-Ing take in case of non-payment, and how are collections handled?

In cases of non-payment, Tele-Help-Ing reserves the right to seek collections. Unpaid balances may be referred to collections if not settled within fifteen days from the initial request for payment. In such cases, clients are responsible for Tele-Help-Ing's reasonable attorney fees and all costs incurred in the collection process.

How competitive are Tele-Help-Ing's rates compared to other virtual assistance providers?

While Tele-Help-Ing may not be the cheapest option on the market, they strive to offer competitive rates, especially when compared to hiring US-based employees. The cost savings of up to 60% make them an attractive choice for businesses looking to maximize their budget without compromising on the quality of service.

Can I trust the quality of service provided by Tele-Help-Ing's virtual assistants, considering they operate internationally?

Absolutely. Tele-Help-Ing takes pride in its workforce, ensuring that the virtual assistants provided are talented and often possess advanced degrees. Their commitment to delivering quality service is reflected in the diverse skill set of their team. Plus, the company is 100% certified disabled veteran-owned, emphasizing a strong commitment to excellence.

How does Tele-Help-Ing ensure confidentiality and security when handling sensitive business tasks remotely?

Tele-Help-Ing prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your business information. They implement robust data protection measures and adhere to industry best practices to ensure that your sensitive data remains secure. Additionally, their team is trained to handle tasks with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

In which US states does Tele-Help-Ing recommend its services, and why?

Tele-Help-Ing helps businesses worldwide, however within the United States we would recommend our services primarily to businesses operating within states where the minimum wage is $15/hr or higher. This strategic focus ensures that businesses in these states, where labor costs can be high, can benefit significantly from the cost-effective virtual assistance services offered. By choosing Tele-Help-Ing, businesses can optimize their operations without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

 Why should I choose Tele-Help-Ing for virtual assistance over competitors or hiring locally in the US?

Tele-Helping is a 100% Disabled Veteran Owned Business operating with integrity, ethics and a commitment to excellence. Here's why choosing Tele-Help-Ing sets us apart:

1. Exceptional Talent Pool: Tele-Help-Ing boasts a team of highly educated English-speaking "helpers," with 20% being native English speakers. Our professionals are carefully selected for their skills and dedication to ensuring exceptional service.

2. Cost Savings: Enjoy top-tier talent at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring locally in the US (up to 60% less cost than US staffing). Tele-Help-Ing offers competitive pricing, allowing you to maximize the value of your investment in virtual assistance.

3. Ethical Business Practices: We believe in fair wages and ethical employment practices. By choosing Tele-Help-Ing, you contribute to creating positive change in the lives of our Mexican employees, supporting a company that values integrity and social responsibility.

4. Dedication to Veterans: As a 100% Disabled Veteran Owned Business, Tele-Help-Ing operates with a deep commitment to excellence, integrity, and the well-being of our employees. By partnering with us, you support a business founded on the principles of service, discipline, and dedication. Fellow Veterans are eligible for Military Discounts, contact us today to learn more. 

5. Integrity and Ethics: Tele-Help-Ing is driven by a strong sense of integrity and ethical conduct. We prioritize transparency, reliability, and honesty in all our operations, ensuring a trustworthy partnership with our clients. By choosing Tele-Help-Ing, you not only save on expenses but also support a company that values fair wages for its Mexican employees, creating a positive impact on their lives. 

Choose Tele-Help-Ing for a virtual assistance solution that not only meets your business needs but also aligns with your values of cost-effectiveness, ethical employment, and a commitment to veterans' success.

Clients Speak: Unveiling Success Stories

Explore the testimonials and reviews from satisfied companies and our dedicated team members. At Tele-Help-Ing, we take pride in fostering strong, lasting partnerships with both our clients and employees. Discover firsthand experiences that highlight the quality of our services, the impact on businesses, and the rewarding careers we offer. Join the conversation and witness the success stories that define our commitment to excellence.

"Tele-Help-Ing has proven to be an invaluable partner in my journey as a lawyer managing multiple companies. Their exceptional virtual remote staff services have not only liberated my schedule but have also significantly contributed to the overall efficiency of my businesses. The professionalism and dedication exhibited by Tele-Helping's team members have consistently met the high standards expected in the legal industry. I wholeheartedly endorse Tele-Helping as a reliable solution for professionals seeking to optimize their operations and focus on their core responsibilities."

- Law Office Client

Tele-Help-Ing Solution: Mexico Based Lawyer as Legal Virtual Assistant

"My Tele-Help-ing Virtual Assistant has been a tremendous service to me. My business had grown to where I couldn't manage any more growth or even what business I had. I was experiencing a lot of stress, and tasks were dropping off the desk. My Tele-Help-Ing Virtual Assistant has taken off so much anxiety and made my office more effective and efficient."

- Law Office Client

Tele-Help-Ing Solution: Mexico Based Lawyer as Legal Virtual Assistant

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