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Our Services

Tele-Help-Ing offers an assortment of Nearshore solutions for companies. Across four continents, primarily in the United States and Canada, Tele-Helps services are tested and renowned.

Tele-Help-Ing offers bespoke solutions with our Remote staffing, Call Center, and Layoff & Outsourcing services, allowing companies of all sizes to hire strategic, high-quality, lower-cost people from Mexico. 


Contact us today to speak with us more about the solution you are looking for at your business. 


Your Team In One Center

Remote teams can be large or small. One person or a whole team. 

Every organization seeking to outsource has unique needs, and Tele-Help-Ing works with every organization to find the correct solution. 


We offer two types of call centers, Remote or Same Facility; Tele-help will review your needs and provide guidance on which is best suited for today's budget but tomorrow's needs. 

Specialty Offered:

  • Healthcare & Dental 

  • Marketing

  • Sales 

  • Customer Support

Remote Staffing

RVAs Working from Home For You

Remote workers support companies worldwide, so why overpay employees in your country? 

At Tele-Help, we source Remote Virtual Assistants from Mexico's top 3% and place them with your company, never compromising on quality but slashing cost. 

Mexico's strong university systems, Bilingual schools, and reliable internet grid allow the country's workforce to support the world at Mexico's cost. Tele-Help delivers these benefits for up to 75% less than their U.S. counterparts.  

We employ your Remote Virtual Assistants, but they work for you!

Layoff & Outsourcing Consulting 

A Nessecery Task,
With High Risk

The hardest thing any company can do is let staff go, but with Tele-Help-Ing, you are not alone. 


Tele-Help-Ing offers termination and layoff support so that companies can remove the guessing from this risky task. Tele-Help-Ings HR consultants, legal, and placement teams are here to ensure you can safely terminate employees and outsource the responsibilities if desired. 


Terminating, laying off, and outsourcing employees comes with high risk, and if done incorrectly, it can jeopardize your whole company. With Tele-Help-Ing, you no longer need to accept the risk of terminating employees, as we are here to support you. 

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